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the requirements for lighting fixtures vary according to the performance of the show. the basic lighting configuration of the theater stage mentioned here refers to basically satisfying the needs of general opera, ballet, ballet, drama, local drama and other performances. downlights, also known as rap lamps, are constructed with either a mirrored bulb mounted inside a cylinder or a tungsten-brodder bulb mounted inside a reflector bowl. the main feature is the ability to shoot a relatively fixed beam with a wide range of beam angles, but the spot size cannot be adjusted; the high-powered diffuser for high-power daylight and high-powered lamps is used to illuminate the canopy from top to bottom, requiring bright and balanced light, and a large area of ​​illumination:

      the imaging lamp or modeling lamp, ellipsoid spotlight, there are many kinds of beam angle, can be selected according to the needs of application, the main feature is the ability to slide the spot like a slide lamp into a square, diamond, triangle, etc., or project the desired various pattern patterns, power also available 1k w, 2 kw and other optional configuration; there are fewer and fewer applications of spotlights, spotlights used on the stage is the use of front-convex condenser lens light, this lamp can adjust the spot size. the light beam coming out is more concentrated and the light diffusing beside it is smaller. power has 0. 5w -5 k w variety focal length has long, medium and short points. guangzhou stage lighting equipment can be selected according to the distance of the shot. the lighting of stage lighting mainly uses fixed-point light sources. with different colors. to achieve a variety of visual effects. the first step in lighting the stage lighting is to respect the human eye, that is, to fully consider people's viewing habits, and to build on this basis.

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