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the dance hall slowly shaking it and other places lighting design case
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the computer lights on the stage can be paired with lens-scanning lights and moving headlights in the dance floor. at the same time or in groups, you can edit the creative program according to the different needs of the environment and song and dance (slow, fast) to produce different atmosphere

      based on the requirements for the use of venues such as night clubs, disco dance halls, slow shake bars and ktv, we have made comprehensive considerations in lighting design:

first, the stage part:

a par 64 (silver aluminum alloy shell, texture is very good) spotlight is used in front of the stage and behind the stage. the entrance light source with a wide beam is used in front of the stage to evenly distribute light as a surface light; medium light source is used behind the stage. projecting a light beam in front of the stage, as a backlight, a top light is set on the top of the stage. in this way, the basic light of the stage is enough to evenly illuminate the stage, and different color atmospheres are changed by adding colored paper, group programming, chase lights, etc. to match the song and dance performances. different needs. the use of light sources imported from the united states makes it highly reliable, does not require frequent replacement, and does not suffer from poor usage such as lamp bursts.

in addition, we have equipped scanning advanced scanners on the middle and back of the stage (genius/jean li lp 97 or high end/united states. lamp's technobeam – this light is used repeatedly for large-scale evenings and events. , '98 faye wong in beijing, shanghai, the tour used 24 ......, two options can be one of them, lp97 full-featured, good quality, and technobeam is belonging to the finest in the computer lights, each with its own characteristics see information.)

use lp97's glass rotation pattern, three-sided prism, five-sided prism or technobeam's three-dimensional three-dimensional art to project an extraordinary large-area light spot on the stage. from time to time, the light pattern transforms freely and beautifully through the lens scanning. from inside to outside, the low-to-high sweeps cascade with the beams of light from the back façade, creating a variety of shapes and shapes in the air. in addition, the moving head light on the platform mouth (genius/jenny's lp 69, which can be suspended from the platform can also be placed on both sides of the ground stage), due to its free rotation angle, the beam scanning without any dead ends, can take care of the lighting on the stage and its surroundings is required. in this way, the front, middle, and back fields will respond to each other. with a good hardware level, the lighting technicians can make full use of them and make various special effects scenes to meet various performances and activities of the stage.

at the same time, the computer lights on the stage can be paired with lens-scanners and moving headlights in the dance floor. at the same time or in groups, the editorial program can be edited according to the different needs of the environment and song and dance (slow, fast). to create a different atmosphere. its art has been edited by artists, and it can be as many as tens or hundreds, and the colors (full-color, half-color) are varied, resulting in an extremely rich combination of colors. the strobe effect can be combined with a fast-paced tune to enhance dynamics, and white light is also available. can be used to chase light. in short, through the flexible use of computer lights, you can create the mood of the stage and the hall. it is the best use method to create special features, set off the atmosphere, and meet various requirements (song and dance, sketches, kaidi, fashion show, etc.).

second, the use of different parts of the dance floor lamps:

   a. scanners: multiple lens scanner scanners (genius/jenny's lp 78) are used. they are characterized by very stable performance, rich colors and bright colors, and they perform well in the dance floor (griven/ gr. 422 of italy, kevin: beautiful appearance, good optical output, large spot, full function, uv effect, glass pattern and prism rotation, etc. used together or alone to bring the atmosphere in the dance floor to a climax.

b. the main ufo central light (griven/ gr 500 in giffin, italy): located directly above the dance floor. compared with other brands of main lights, the lamp body is thin and has a large cross-sectional area and is sensitive to sound pickup. the motor runs quietly with a variety of built-in programs. as the music's rhythm program changes, the light beam also changes, and the light covers a large area. therefore, one light can play a role of multiple lights, and is matched with the moon lantern, rotating tunnel lantern, and other effect lights. , can be used for slow music; and with strobe, computer lights, etc. can be used for fast music. normally, when the scanner is not turned on, it can be used independently.

c. effect lights (florescent lights): tube rolling lanterns, iris lanterns, effect lanterns and other patterns varied, dozens of light pour down, spread evenly on the ground, such as little stars, or colored flowers everywhere, in an instant change to other beautiful graphics, add a bit of smoke, and rotate the clumps of colored beams in the air, either interlaced or in parallel, with excellent results; while rotating tunnel lanterns and slow moon lanterns (adding various colors of colored paper) can form a leisurely the fluttering halo and radiant feeling are the perfect match for slow dance or melodious dance.

d. spotlight ar 56 is made of silver aluminum alloy shell, texture is very good, plus color paper used after grouping, can be used as the basic light of the dance floor can also go with the music track, to create a different atmosphere effect.

spotlights, etc. can be used for dimming and other special effects equipment such as snow machines. in addition, powerful strobe lights and other equipment are also deployed to prepare for performances and disco special effects. the lighting control equipment also leaves a certain margin for future adjustments to add equipment.

   in short, the design of the lamps and lanterns in the selection, not only consider the use of functional requirements, but also in the reliability of the lamps and lanterns were carefully selected, the selected optical output of the lamp is good, rich in changes and stable performance, and very novelty, such as: the use of moving headlights, barrel rolling lanterns, and rotating tunnel lanterns, etc., are extremely varied, and their effects cannot be achieved by previous or other similar lighting fixtures. therefore, they are all excellent in the performance-price ratio entertainment hall. lamps.

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