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after-sales service follow-up:

in the case of the normal use of stage lighting products, if there are quality problems with the products, the company will provide follow-up services:

1) within 7 days from the delivery of the product, the repair service center of our company has confirmed that the fault is true. you can choose to enjoy return, exchange or free maintenance service or free replacement of accessories.

2) within 60 days from the delivery date of the product, you can choose to have replacement or free repair service or free replacement parts.

3) within 12 months from the delivery of the product, you can enjoy free repair service or free replacement of accessories; you can enjoy paid maintenance service for more than 12 months.

4) the above explanation right belongs to the company.

pre-sale service follow-up:

pre-sales technical support includes:

1) understand customer needs and provide value-added services

2) formulation of technical solutions in sales work

3) production of a professional and reasonable configuration list

4) production of positioning map

5) production of dynamic maps of key customers

6) technical training

sales service follow-up:

selling technical support includes:

1) professional technical solutions

2) professional installation and commissioning

3) professional on-site guidance and training

after confirming the order of our products, the customer promises to provide the customer with sample goods within 3 working days. after the sample is confirmed, it will enter the batch production. the daily production of the same product will be no less than 60 to ensure the progress of the customer project! delivery logistics company can be specified by the customer, transportation costs are subject to agreement between the parties!



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