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unified communications from concept to solution and application analysis
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i now come to think about what communication methods are commonly used. phones include: sms and voice. the network client includes: qq, msn, fei qiu. in addition, internet-based communication methods: remote video communications, emails, etc., are becoming more and more complicated, and more and more diverse communication methods have emerged and used in our lives. so how do you find a unified platform that includes all of this content? i believe that unified communications solutions can give you more ideas!

    what are the different opinions about unified communications?

    what is unified communications: unified communications (uc) refers to a new communication mode that integrates computer technology with traditional communication technologies. as a solution and application, its core content is: to allow people to communicate locations can receive free communication of data, images and sounds through any device or any network. in other words, the unified communications solution integrates all types of information, such as voice, fax, e-mail, mobile short message, multimedia, and data, thereby providing people with freedom and efficiency in choice. (for example, traditional phones will be replaced to support client software based on soft-phone screens.) it is different from the network-level interconnection and interoperability, but it is the people-oriented application level integration and collaboration, which is a higher level concept. a generation of communications and it industries.

    manufacturer's explanation:

    there are several explanations from the manufacturers for the interpretation of unified communications.

    cisco: unified communications further develops the concept of ip communications. by using the sip protocol (session initiation protocol) and including mobile solutions, all types of communications are truly unified and simplified — regardless of location, time, or equipment. through the unified communications solution, users can communicate with each other as they like, and can use any device to communicate through any media. unified communications combines multiple telephones and devices we use commonly—as well as multiple networks (fixed, internet, cable, satellite, mobile)—to enable geographically independent communications, facilitating the integration of communications with business processes, and simplifying run and increase productivity and profit.

    microsoft: traditional communication systems send information to several different types of storage areas—voicemail systems, email servers, and stand-alone fax machines—through exchange's unified messaging capabilities, where various types of messages are stored. in a unified system. for example, send voicemail messages directly to your inbox. when you open outlook, you can see voicemail next to your email, which provides a powerful new way to collaborate more effectively. for example, you can forward voicemail or fax. you can even record notes in voicemail messages or search for past voicemail messages. the news will no longer block your screen! wait, the author will no longer give an example here, but in general can be understood as the integration of a variety of ways of communication, people-oriented, that is, even immediately, that is, through to the present, reduce costs improving efficiency is its greatest advantage.

    unified communications solution

    at present, the major vendors of unified communications are roughly: cisco (cisco), microsoft, avaya, nortel, izo, webex, etc. these are all mainstream international unified communications solution providers, and many enterprise users are using them to provide them. products, which provide a lot of help for companies in improving efficiency and saving costs.

    the author has found some information about unified communications solutions. let's take a look at it.

    1 video conferencing: video conferencing builds a global network multimedia conference platform for users, freeing you and your clients and work partners from time and geographical constraints. through the internet, you can easily conduct “face-to-face” real-time communication at any time and place, providing you with an affordable network conference center.

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