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build a whole industry chain of semiconductor lighting
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foshan is an important electric light source production and r&d base in china. in 2009, the output &#118alue of electric light sources exceeded 10 billion yuan, there were 45 high-tech enterprises in the electric light source industry, 5 research and development centers in the area of ​​electric light sources in guangdong province, and related upstream and downstream companies 400 many.

as the core area of ​​foshan electric lighting lighting industry chain, nanhai has a complete industrial chain from upstream materials, electric light sources to downstream lighting, molds, and application terminals. it also has close integration of upstream and downstream links, and has strong integration and matching capabilities. in order to fully extend the advantages of the traditional electric light industry, nanhai district has established the guangdong financial high-tech service area, guangdong urban industrial base, nanhai economic development zone, luocun new light source industrial base, and south china sea for the development of the emerging industry of semiconductor lighting. national eco-industrial demonstration parks and other mature development carriers.

in the process of upgrading to the semiconductor lighting industry, nanhai district gathered a large number of high-quality enterprises such as shletwright, nanhai chimei, xurui optoelectronics, zhaoxin group, jisheng optoelectronics, and jinbang electronics, as well as sun yat-sen university, huazhong university of science and technology, and hong kong science and technology. universities such as universities have established close cooperation in the production, research, and research of led. they have public service platforms such as foshan institute of sun yat-sen university and guangdong flat panel display industry technology research institute. they are also planning to establish hong kong university of science and technology university led industry engineering technology research and development center. existing led related companies and dozens of service agencies, in 2009 the semiconductor lighting industry output &#118alue of over 2 billion yuan. at present, nanhai takes a group of national and even world-leading companies such as foshan lighting, osram, and shletlight as leading players and has a large-scale lighting electrical industrial cluster supported by electric lighting of luocun in nanhai district, and is closely connected with danzao hardware. dali industrial aluminum, lishui mould, shishan optoelectronics, guicheng machinery and equipment manufacturing support, and together with the entire country's largest small home appliance industry cluster in foshan, built a complete chain of foshan lighting industry.

since 2009, nanhai semiconductor lighting has achieved rapid development. as xu rui company settled in nanhai, foshan, nanhai semiconductor lighting industry technology innovation platform and pilot base were put into construction. the south china (international) electric light source lighting city, the largest scale lighting lighting source market in south china, took shape, and nanhai was recognized by the provincial science and technology department. for the guangdong new light source industrialization base, nanhai has opened up the led industry chain, and is expected to break through the bottleneck of led high-end lighting application promotion, significantly reduce the price of led products, and find a breakthrough for the transformation of traditional lighting companies and the popularization of led products.

in order to speed up the development of the industry, nanhai district has already issued relevant support measures to accelerate the development of the semiconductor lighting industry in october 2009. it has established a special fund for industrial development with a total scale of 1 billion to 2 billion yuan, which is to enhance the ability of independent innovation and strengthen the public platform. the construction, construction of demonstration projects, and promotion of investment and financing will provide strong support for industrial development. it will rely on independent innovation and industrial agglomeration to create a combination of chip research, equipment manufacturing, led epitaxial wafers and chip manufacturing, high-power packaging, and application products. the development, pilot test, production, and product detection of the entire semiconductor industry lighting semiconductor lighting market chain, the next 3-5 years will form an industry scale of 30 billion to 500 billion yuan, becoming a well-known semiconductor lighting industry base in china.

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