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china's semiconductor lighting industry has entered a period of rapid developmen
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since the semiconductor lighting project was launched in 2003, the ministry of science and technology has supported the technological innovation and industrialization of semiconductor lighting in the field of scientific and technological breakthroughs and the new materials for the 863 plan. china's semiconductor lighting industry and technology have made significant progress, and initially formed materials from the upstream. the relatively complete r&d and industrial systems for midstream chip preparation, downstream device packaging, and integrated applications have entered a phase of rapid development.

1. major breakthroughs have been made in key technologies for industrialization. the led manufacturing technology based on the enterprise has progressed rapidly. the power efficiency of the power-based chip package completed by the industrialization of the company has reached 80~100lm/w. the power type white led package has reached the international advanced level. the light efficiency of the power-type silicon-substrate led chips with independent intellectual property rights has reached 78 lm/w after encapsulation, which is at the international advanced level.

2. the industry has begun to take shape, the industrial chain has become increasingly complete, and the market application is at the forefront of the international community. by the end of 2009, there were more than 3,000 led companies in china. among them, there are more than 40 upstream epitaxy and chip manufacturers, about 1,000 mid-range packaging companies, and 2,000 downstream production companies. private enterprises account for 85% of the total number of companies. in 2009, the output &#118alue of china’s chips increased by 25% to 2.3 billion yuan, which was basically the same as the growth rate of 26% in 2008. in 2009, china's led packaging output &#118alue reached 20.4 billion yuan, an increase of 10% from 2008's 18.5 billion yuan; output increased by 10% from 109.4 billion yuan in 2008 to 105.6 billion, of which high-brightness led output &#118alue reached 18.6 billion yuan. , accounting for 90% of total led sales. at the same time, there is also a big improvement in terms of product and corporate structure. smd and high-power led packages have grown faster. in 2009, the output &#118alue of china's semiconductor lighting applications reached 60 billion yuan. despite the financial crisis, china's semiconductor lighting industry still showed a trend of contrarian growth in 2009. the scale of the industry has increased to 82.7 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 20%, and is expected to reach 100 billion yuan in 2010.

3. the industrial development environment is increasingly perfect. from the ministry of science and technology launched the semiconductor lighting project in 2003 and the “ten thousand cities” project in 2009, to the recent introduction of industrial development guidance from six ministries and commissions including the national development and reform commission, and the development of strategic emerging industries proposed by post-crisis countries, all indicate that the government is actively promoting the development of china's semiconductor lighting industry. under the guidance and support of government policies, with the improvement of device performance and energy-saving effect, china's semiconductor lighting industry will enter the period of rapid development, the market has great potential, will drive the industry to upgrade. in order to promote technological integration and innovation, accelerate the industrialization of results, and strengthen the cooperation between industry, universities, and research institutes, the national semiconductor lighting engineering r&d and industry alliance (hereinafter referred to as the alliance) establishes industrial r&d funds, organizes major olympic demonstration projects, holds innovation contests, and promotes and establishes standards. patent pools and other work have established a cooperation platform for production, learning and research, which has improved the efficiency and level of technological innovation and promoted the implementation of major projects. the coordination and promotion of the union standards has achieved remarkable results. eight national standards and nine industry standards have been formally released. to support the pilot project of “ten cities, ten thousand people”, the alliance has completed led road lighting products, tunnel lights, and road and tunnel lighting products. supervised the inspection and installation and acceptance of the implementation details, coldland led road lighting product specifications and other five recommended technical specifications, while the indoor downlights, spotlights and other technical specifications are being compiled. in addition, the alliance has been a un home-level testing agency that regularly publishes product testing data to provide a scientific reference for reasonably setting the performance indicators of demonstration application products in local areas, and is currently recommending localized energy-saving styling products for the next step. the catalog does the preparatory work. the alliance also worked through the technical standardization and standardization of patent work, researched and formulated the national semiconductor lighting patent strategy, researched and deployed the patent network, explored the operation mode of the patent pool, and provided decision support for related departments. the work of the alliance has expanded the domestic semiconductor lighting development vision, aroused the attention of the international community, and has had an important impact on the development of domestic industries.

through the implementation of the national semiconductor lighting project, china's semiconductor lighting industry has established an important position in the international arena, in particular, the "ten cities, ten thousand and ten thousand fights," which shows that "through the application of promoting scientific and technological innovation, play a role in science and technology to support economic development, and promote energy conservation the concept of emission reduction work has had a tremendous and far-reaching impact at home and abroad. in addition, china is a major country in the key raw material resources for semiconductor lighting and can guarantee the sustainable development of the industry. the investment intensity and risk of the semiconductor lighting industry are far lower than that of the microelectronics industry. it has the characteristics of double labor-intensive labor, suits china's national conditions, and can stimulate employment on a large scale.

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