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model: 230w beam light
series: beam light series
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power: 100-240v, 50 / 60hz
channel mode: 16 channel modes.
light bulb: osram 7r bulb
display and time: beautiful red dot matrix display, four touch switch, can be reversed 180 display. recordable lamp usage time and lamp usage time.
color plate: a color plate, composed of 14 color film, with two-way rotation, full color, half color and rainbow effect (full color and half color to go two mode switch)
pattern plate: 17 pattern pieces, with two-way rotation of the rainbow effect and pattern jitter effect.
prism: 16 prism plus rotating prism effect. full touch large screen
power: 200w
ip protection class: ip20
size: 43 * 48 * 58cm
net weight: 17.5kg


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