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model: 230w/280w/330w double prism double pattern beam light
series: beam light series
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rated voltage: 100v-240v / 50-60hz
light source: 230w 280w 330w
color temperature correction: 8500k / 4500k / 3200k
average life: 1500h
number of channels: 16ch / 20ch
control mode: international standard dmx512 control, master-slave mode, self-propelled mode.
display interface: the use of widescreen lcd lcd display interface in english.
lens: anti-reflective coated glass lens
color: with 14 colors blank with full color or half color function, also has imported insulation film.
dynamic pattern: a fixed pattern wheel with 7 rotating pattern plus white, variable speed jitter bi-directional flow effect.
strobe: 0-13 times / second. with random strobe
prism and prism rotation: 2 independent rotating prism, 9 double 16 prism combination can generate 40 sharp and clear beam effect
atomization: an independent atomization effect, spot soft and natural.
focus: linear electronic focus
dimming: 0-100% mechanical linear adjustment
beam angle: 3 ° - 29 °
strobe: two-chip strobe (0.5-9 times / sec)
other functions: remote control bulb switch function.
size: 523 * 337 * 511mm

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